What Affects the Productivity of Students?

Scientists of our century have thought about whether we should change the school curriculum or not. Researchers have found the main factors influencing children’s experience, both good and bad. But the question remains, does the school somehow affect this? The doctor of medical sciences stated that the school program of the 20th century was not designed with the work of the human brain. Does she think about whether scientists have a desire to develop such a system?

Previously, it was known that the brain is fully formed before 6 years, but quite recently, scientists realized that the human brain is very malleable and changes to 20 years.

For example, young children who face abuse at home choose the “fight back or run” tactic to protect themselves. These children brains are programmed in one way or another for aggression or constant reasoning. Changes in human nerve cells are influenced by their environment, life experience and relationships with other people.

It is really important to take into account the fact that support from adults, such as a social worker or psychologist, can help a child to distract from negative pressure and stop his constant stress, as well as prevent negative consequences. The presence of even one adult person who will give support to the child will ensure the normal existence of the child and favourably affects the work of the brain.

Given the fact that the brain is very malleable and capable of perceiving different information, each student who was exposed to stress in childhood has the opportunity to return to normal life if he is in a neutral environment for some time.

The Role of the School in Student Learning

The reality demonstrates that students learn more effectively in a positive environment than in a negative one. If the students feel comfortable in the classroom, then it is easier for them to perceive the situation. There are several unique ways to positively influence the student learning process. Since students spend a lot of time at school, teachers have a huge advantage to this. Teachers can influence the learning process by involving each student in the learning process while helping to acquire new skills in life.

It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that each student is an individual, so each perceives information in different ways and at a different speed. All students in a class have a different emotional state, which greatly affects the productivity of learning. The teacher should be able to create a training program for all students, but it should be able to find a specific approach to each student specifically. Pupils should be in a safe environment for them so that they do not have doubts about the need for study.

Pedagogical learning strategies are not the only thing that leads to progress in learning. It is also important to take into account the social aspect, for example, to greet each student in the morning, thereby disposing him to himself. Another good example is the aspect of a proper discussion process. At that moment, when the teacher and students have disputes, the teacher must correctly form his answers, thereby showing students that each participant in this discussion plays a significant role and his opinion is important as much as the opinions of other people.

What is now becoming clear is that social relationships make a huge impact on productivity. It took a very long time to realize what exactly should be changed in the school curriculum and what strategies this can be achieved.